European election results - 2019

The votes have been counted in the European Parliamentary elections, which took place in the UK on Thursday, 23 May 2019.

Electorate (as of 16 May 2019): 177,719

Number of ballot papers verified: 49,607

Rejected votes: 288

Turnout: 27.91%

Counting took place today in line with the rest of Europe. Six MEP places were up for grabs in the Yorkshire and Humber region, which Barnsley's results feed in to.

See the parties and individual candidates that are nominated.

You can see the full results on Leeds City Council's website or follow on Twitter at @LeedsCC_News

Here is the breakdown of the Barnsley element of the count. These figures are then added to those from the rest of the region to allocate the six MEP places using the D'Hondt proportional representation method.

  • Change UK - The Independent Group: 1,200
  • Conservative and Unionist Party: 1,878
  • English Democrats: 616
  • Green Party: 4,064
  • Labour Party: 7,693
  • Liberal Democrats: 4,618
  • The Brexit Party: 23,459
  • The Yorkshire Party: 2,892
  • UK Independence Party (UKIP): 2,899

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