Excellent education for every Barnsley child – the refreshed Education Improvement Strategy 2022-25

Cabinet members will discuss a refreshed Education Improvement Strategy 2022-25, coproduced by Barnsley Schools’ Alliance, at their meeting on Wednesday 13 July. The strategy has four overarching core principles and ten priorities to ensure children can achieve their potential. It provides a clear focus for education improvement over the next three years.

Barnsley has made great improvements in local education. We’ve brought educational outcomes in line with or exceeding national levels, and the Barnsley Schools’ Alliance, a partnership between early years, schools, colleges, and the council, has led this work. We work together to continue to raise the quality of education and improve outcomes for children and young people in Barnsley.

We’ll drive the strategy’s ten priorities through the Barnsley Schools’ Alliance sub-groups, namely the leadership capacity, quality of education, professional development and networking groups. We’ll track and evidence our impact using key performance indicators such as school attendance, attainment scores, SEND support, suspensions, and other metrics.

The strategy will also work alongside the SEND Written Statement of Action, SEND and Alternative Provision Green Paper, Schools White Paper and the Schools Bill.

Cllr Trevor Cave, Cabinet Spokesperson for Children’s Services, said: “Education has come a long way in Barnsley. The Barnsley Schools’ Alliance has worked tirelessly to get us to the great position we’re now in. Our local partnerships are strong, and everyone is dedicated to improving education for our children and young people. We’re ambitious and aspirational, and this strategy reflects that.

“Barnsley is the place of possibilities. Our borough is a place that fosters and grows ambition, enabling everyone to be the best they can be. This education strategy is central to our vision and improving education for every child and young person in Barnsley. We want learning to be an enriching, inclusive and positive experience for every child.”

Read the Barnsley Education Improvement Strategy (2022-25) here.

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