Expect Comic Book Capers at The Cooper Gallery this summer!

Holy Comic Book Capers!

Flying into the Cooper Gallery on Saturday, 17 May with a BOOM, BAM and BIFF - is the fantastically fun and totally free exhibition, KAPOW.

An original display of illustrations, never before seen together, features the work of award winning comic book artists Dean Ormston and Fiona Stephenson.

Born and bred in Barnsley, their work is recognised around the globe. Work will include well known characters such as Black Hammer, Judge Dredd, Lucifer and Superman to name but a few.

The gallery is delighted to bring together the collection of illustrations, which focuses on the process when creating artwork from script, first sketches to finished art. 

For comic book fans the exhibition will also tell the story of the early beginnings of their favourite comic book superheroes.


Visitors will be taken on a comic book adventure, as they discover original art work from the 1940s to present day - featuring Batman, Superman, the Walking Dead, Hellboy, Lucifer, Tank Girl, Hellblazer and more, by artists such as Jamie Hewlett, Mike Mignola, Charlie Adlard, Duncan Fegredo.

Flying the flag for strong female characters there will be a look at women’s roles in comic books. Visitors will see empowering female characters and a young robot inventor called Dot, featuring in a video created by Dean and Steve Seagle creators of Ben 10.

As part of the exhibition there will be an exciting programme of events for caped crusaders of any age.

Lynn Dunning, Group Leader, Arts & Heritage said: “The Cooper Gallery continues to go from strength to strength bringing the town exciting, high quality exhibitions for all to enjoy.  KAPOW looks set to be another phenomenal success and we are grateful to the artists Dean and Fiona in allowing us to be the first people to show the works.  Barnsley is full of hugely talented people and to see two of them reach such dizzying heights of success in their field, creating well-loved characters makes us extremely proud. The exhibition is not just a must see for comic book fans but for anyone with an interest in superheroes, illustrations or just wanting a fun visit out!”

For more information about the exhibition visit www.cooper-gallery.com

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