Final instalment of Barnsley Museums ancient Egyptian extravaganza on display

Barnsley Museums’ season celebrating ancient Egypt will enter its final stage on Saturday, 28 October.

The third exhibition guest curated by Professor Joann Fletcher will open at Cannon Hall, rounding off the fascinating look into Yorkshire’s connections with the legendary land.

‘Resurrecting Ancient Egypt: A Monumental Yorkshire Journey’ opens from Saturday 28 October until Sunday 18 February and delves into the influence ancient Egypt had on much of the region’s architecture. The exhibition, featuring images by Jennifer Robertson and Lynne Fletcher of Kyte Photography, includes landmark buildings from North, South, East and West Yorkshire, a number of which are located in and around Barnsley.

From Locke Park Tower to the pyramids of Castle Howard and Leeds Holbeck Temple Mills, images from the exhibition capture the grandeur and splendor of these unique structures.

Also on display during this time are the two accompanying exhibitions ‘From Sackville Street to the Valley of the Kings: The Art of Harold Jones’ at the Cooper Gallery and ‘Gods’ Land in God’s County: Ancient Egypt in Yorkshire’ at Experience Barnsley Museum and Discovery Centre. Visitors can easily take in and enjoy both exhibitions, just minutes from each other in the heart of the town centre.

Professor Joann Fletcher said: “It is wonderful to see the final piece of our ancient Egyptian trilogy on display and to see the beautiful images produced by Kyte Photography. Each exhibition tells its own captivating story but combined they detail the compelling connections between Yorkshire and the Land of the Gods – a link like no other. It has been an absolute joy working on every aspect of the exhibitions and a lifelong ambition to preview them in my home town of Barnsley.”

Jennifer Robertson and Lynne Fletcher of Kyte Photography, said: 'We were delighted and honoured to be asked by Prof Joann Fletcher and Barnsley Council to part of this amazing and unique photographic journey - to resurrect Ancient Egypt in Yorkshire. It absolutely amazed us how much influence from Ancient Egypt was on our doorstep in Yorkshire. We would literally be walking down a country path, turn a corner and there would be a huge pyramid or a giant obelisk staring back at us.’

Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said: “For Barnsley to showcase such high quality exhibitions by Professor Joann Fletcher, a leading figure in her field, is a huge honour. We could have only dreamed of seeing such unique pieces such as the Anubis priest’s mask on display, but with the arrival of these world class exhibitions visitors have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see spectacular pieces such as this. The final display opening at Cannon Hall which Joann created with Kyte Photography will round off the ancient Egypt season and bring to light many buildings in Yorkshire that have been inspired by the country.”

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