Free advice and practical support for people living with Dementia and their carers

There are an estimated 2,746 people in Barnsley living with Dementia. Some of these residents and their carers may be struggling and looking for local support.

Barnsley’s Multi-Agency Dementia group wants people to know that South Yorkshire Housing Association’s Dementia Support Service – one of many Barnsley dementia services across the borough -  is working hard to help those residents affected by Dementia, and their carers.

Patricia* was suffering from stress and anxiety due to being unsure about her future lack of emotional support that she would have once received from her husband Michael*  and needed support to access alternative accommodation.

She had grave concerns about her husband’s change in behaviours, as he had started being more verbally aggressive towards her,  as well as experiencing significant changes to his sleeping habits This has impacted on Patricia as she was experiencing sleep deprivation which affected her own wellbeing.

The Support Service carried out a joint visit with their co-ordinator Zoe and wellbeing worker Sam.

A personalised wellbeing plan and risk assessment were completed to identify Patricia’s needs. It was found that there were other factors other than Michael’s dementia contributing to the stress and anxiety Patricia was experiencing.

A referral was made back to the memory team so that Michael and his medication could be re-assessed.  

Patricia was advised to seek advice from her GP if she felt that she may need the extra support to deal with her anxiety and to support her housing situation. She was given support to join the housing register by completing a housing application with Berneslai Homes.

Patricia is now also attending ‘Tough Stuff’ sessions to reduce the stress and anxiety around her housing situation so that she is better equipped to deal with this in the future.

Patricia said: “I cannot thank Barnsley Dementia Support Service enough for their interventions and support through this really tough time in me and my husband’s life. I didn’t  realise that there was so much support and help available and I’m eternally grateful to the service and staff. I fully recommend the service to others and rate the service as excellent.”

For more information about the support on offer from South Yorkshire Housing Association’s Dementia Support Service call 07720544241, or email

*Client names have been changed to protect their privacy   

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