Free Royston dog microchipping event will help owners and pets stay together forever

Barnsley Council has teamed up with Dogs Trust to offer a free microchipping session for dogs at Oakwood Grange, Oakwood Road, Royston (S71 4EZ) on Tuesday, 27 August, 11am until 3pm.

A veterinary nurse will carry out basic health checks including nail clipping, and will check eyes, ears, teeth and weight, to make sure dogs are happy, fit and healthy.

Alongside the health check, the Dogs Trust team will provide advice on diet, training and neutering. Each owner will be provided with a responsible dog ownership pack, including handy tips and useful resources. Free goodie packs also available for puppy owners and people who are thinking of getting a puppy. Extra goodie packs will be available for those wanting to learn how to stay healthy with their dog.

As well as offering free on-the-spot microchipping for dogs that aren’t yet chipped (microchipping is a legal requirement as of April 2016 and owners who do not comply could face fines of up to £500), they can also advise about changing microchip details should it be needed.

No appointment is required; the event will operate on a drop in basis. Dogs will be treated on a first come first served basis with the last dog seen at 3pm.

All breeds of dogs are welcome at the, whether a pup or an adult, however Dogs Trust will not chip active hunting hounds or litters of puppies. All dogs must also be wearing a collar and lead and have a handler present who is aged 18 or over.

Puppies under six months old must be fully vaccinated and proof of vaccinations will be asked for.

If a puppy has recently been vaccinated, it must be carried for the 10 days following the final vaccination. Dogs over six months old do not require proof of vaccination.’

As well as being a legal requirement, microchipping is one of the best ways to increase a lost dog’s chance of getting back home should they go missing. While collar and identity tags are also a legal requirement, and a great way of quickly identifying a dog’s owner, they can fall off or be removed. Should this happen, microchipping offers a permanent back-up in identifying a missing dog and ensuring their safe return.

Other benefits of microchipping include:

  • Acting as a deterrent to dog theft.
  • Allows for a rapid return and helps local authorities educate owners on the dangers of straying and reinforce the responsibilities of the owners.
  • Enables veterinary surgeons to contact dog owners for emergency procedures.

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