Free Town Centre parking extended

Free parking in Town Centre car parks is now extended to weekday evenings from 5pm, as well as three hours at weekends. 

The changes are designed to support local businesses and encourage people to enjoy the newly improved Barnsley Town Centre, and came into effect from Monday 13 September.

The changes include the continuation of three hours free parking at weekends in all town centre off-street town centre car parks. This includes the new Glass Works multi-storey car park, complete with six electric vehicle charge points and flexible pay on exit barriers, which is now open.  

Market traders and businesses told us how much their customers valued free off-street parking at weekends, and we’re now making it free during the week too from 5pm onwards to encourage people to enjoy the town centre offer in the evenings. This will also be a boost to hospitality businesses who we know have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic.

While parking in the evenings will be free, restrictions will be extended so they apply 24 hours a day, seven days a week, extended from the previous 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday. This will make sure vehicles are parked safely in designated spaces and that people enjoying the evening economy feel safe and secure and are not mixing with drivers attempting to park cars within crowded pedestrian areas.

Simplified charges will apply using two zones:

  • Shopper zone; spaces within three-minute walk of the centre of town
  • Commuter zone: spaces within five-minute walk of the centre of town

All off-street car parks are free for three hours at weekends, and free after 5pm and until 7am every day. Charges of £2 for up to three hours will apply during weekdays in both zones. After three hours, a rate of 50p per 30 minutes will be charged in the shopper zone, and 30p per 30 minutes in the commuter zone.

At all times, on-street parking bays will be 90p per 30 minutes in the shopper zone, and 45p per 30 minutes in the commuter zone.

Blue badge holders will continue to park for free in on-street bays. In off-street car parks, charges will apply to blue badge holders on weekdays, and after the three free hours at weekends.

The two zones with their different charges are designed to make sure there are spaces available for shoppers and visitors who want to be closest to the centre of town.

The changes will be in place for an initial trial of 18 months and will be regularly reviewed to ensure they are effective.

Cllr Chris Lamb, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Transport, said: “The Glass Works and wider investment in our town centre are at the very heart of our vision for a Growing Barnsley, and we want to make sure our parking arrangements encourage people to visit our fantastic town centre. It’s vital we have appropriate spaces for them when they do.

“The two-zone price structure will hopefully encourage those parking all day every day to park a little further out of the town centre at a reduced rate, while making sure we have space for people visiting the town.

“We’re also extending our restrictions around the clock so we can make sure we don’t have cars moving about in pedestrian areas where people have come to enjoy an evening out. We want people to come and feel safe and secure while enjoying our evening economy.

“In the coming months we’ll also be looking to bring in a variety of technologies to make it even easier for people to find a space and pay for their parking and, as well as the creation of 51 new family parking bays where it will be easier to get children in and out of car seats and prams, and an extra 147 disabled parking bays.”

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Shopper zone car parks are:

  • The Seam Lower Shopper (was Courthouse Lower Red bays)
  • The Seam Upper Shopper (was Courthouse Upper short)
  • Grahams Orchard
  • John Street
  • Market Gate Car Park
  • Sackville Street
  • St Marys Place
  • The Glass Works

Commuter zone car parks are:

  • Berneslai Close
  • Joseph Street
  • Burleigh Street West
  • Churchfields
  • The Seam Lower Commuter (was Courthouse Lower white bays)
  • The Seam Upper Commuter (was Courthouse Upper long stay)
  • Mark Street
  • Pitt Street

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