Funding proposed for local road safety schemes

A pilot scheme of road safety improvements in locations which might not qualify for works under traditional criteria is being recommended to Cabinet for approval.

Under the proposed Neighbourhood Road Safety Initiative, a one-off investment of £90,000, over and above the annual road safety budget, will be made available for a series of preventative schemes to address concerns raised within communities.

If successful the pilot scheme could lead to further funding in future, if available.

Cllr Chris Lamb, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Transportation, said: “Local councillors, and members of the public, often tell us that particular roads are dangerous, but sometimes the information from police about collisions might not back that up. We understand these concerns, and we have listened.

“This proposed pilot funding presents a different opportunity to look at local intelligence and feedback from the community to consider locations which we believe do present a risk and where action might be needed.

“I hope local councillors will embrace this opportunity and help us make sure we have the best information to make sure this funding is directed to where it is needed most.”

Local councillors across Barnsley will be asked to put forward the locations they believe require road safety measures. These will be scored by highways officers who will select the schemes which will have the greatest impact on road safety using the budget available.

Read the full cabinet report.

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