Funds available for new businesses to help ‘set up shop’ on Goldthorpe's high street

New companies can take advantage of up to £5,000 Principal Town’s new-business grants plus dedicated support to help with setting up a business and turn it into a thriving commercial success.

Barnsley Council, as part of the Principal Towns programme, approved a boost of £60,000 funds for new business start-ups, which will help expand Goldthorpe’s town centre and offer a variety of shops and services in the area for residents to enjoy.

For anyone who is looking to set up their own business, make steps towards developing an idea into fruition, the grant funding is designed to help with the initial costs of setting up, supplies, new machinery, premises costs and promotion and advertising. As part of the criteria to access funds, new businesses are required to undertake Enterprising Barnsley’s Launchpad programme before they can access the grant.

Councillor Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said: “We are committed to actively supporting local businesses to rejuvenate the high street with something different for customers from the standard high street chains.”

“Through this innovative programme and other forms of support, the Council offers we look forward to seeing the continued growth and expansion of our local businesses over the coming years,”

Councillor Jenny Platts, Spokesperson for Communities, said: “We are delighted to be able to contribute towards the costs of setting up a business and helping budding entrepreneur’s kick-start their business ideas.

“We are keen to work with local businesses, residents and local community groups in turning Goldthorpe’s town centre into a thriving destination for local shoppers.

Paul Tinsley, Business Start-Up Manager, Barnsley Council, said: “This is a great opportunity from two perspectives, firstly it gives anyone in Goldthorpe who has aspirations to start a business a chance to fulfil their dreams, and secondly it goes a long way to help with the revival of Goldthorpe and improve the town centre for local residents.

“We’re sure all the applicants for this great initiative will get all the help they need from the programme, and we look forward to working with them.“

If you are interested in a Principal Town’s new-business grant, register your interest to Sian Stanhope, Barnsley Council Principal Towns Project Management Officers, email:

For more information about the Principal Towns project, visit:

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