Gender Pay Gap report highlights positive progress in the council’s commitment to equal pay

Cabinet members have received a report detailing the council’s Gender Pay Gap report as of 31 March 2020, showing the differences in the average pay between men and women. This report will be presented at the next Cabinet meeting on 24 March 2021, with a recommendation to endorse the long-term commitment to reducing the council’s gender pay gap.

Key findings from the review:

  • The median (middle) bonus pay is still equal at 0% for the fourth year running (this is calculated from the middle number from the list of numbers). These figures show that both females and males are treated the same.
  • The median (middle) hourly rate of pay also shows that female employee pay is very close to that of male employees with female employees earning on average 0.8% less than a male employee (this is calculated from the middle number from the list of numbers).
  • The mean (average) pay shows a positive 2.4% decrease, with a female employee earning on average 4.1% less than a male employee (this is calculated by the total of all the values, divided by the number of values). This compares positively at 17.4% nationally, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Sarah Norman, Chief Executive of Barnsley Council, said: “Fairness in pay is vital. We continue to be committed to promoting fairness and equal opportunities for our workforce and the importance of addressing any gender pay gaps. This is fundamental to sustaining wellbeing, success and organisational reputation”.

“As part of this long-term journey, we continue to demonstrate progression in this area, and we have updated our action plan so it aligns with our key workforce strategies to ensure we can continue to close any imbalances with our gender pay gap.”

“It’s important to note that because of COVID-19, reporting of the gender pay gap for 2019 was suspended. However, we believe in the importance of reporting and publishing our 2019 pay gap to ensure fairness and transparency. The reporting deadline for the 2020 gender pay gap has now been extended to 5 October 2021, but again we intend to publish this report in line with the original deadline of 30 March.”

The Cabinet report and Gender Pay Gap report can be found here.

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