Good Food Boxes support families across the borough to stay healthy this Easter

As part of the Healthy Holidays programme, Good Food Boxes have been provided to over 2,000 families across the borough, supporting them to cover lunches over the school holidays.

Boxes were provided for 2,228 families to support 4,128 children in Barnsley, containing nutritional, school meal standard food and ways to keep active over the school break.

Funded by the Department of Education, the Healthy Holidays programme makes sure that children eligible for free school meals have access to food and activities over the holidays. Barnsley Council has worked with its partners to provide quality Good Food Boxes, containing enough food for each child to replace their school lunches over the Easter break.

The council's in-house catering team packed all the boxes, along with a fantastic group of over 100 volunteers who dedicated their time to support the programme.

The boxes contain fresh fruit and vegetables, cupboard essentials like pasta and bread, as well as other items to help children stay healthy and keep active. An activity booklet is also included, linking in with the council's What's Your Move campaign, along with skipping ropes and chalks encouraging families to 'hop, skip, and jump into Spring.' The booklet has lots of games and activities to keep families busy - an accessible, digital version can be found on the council's website.

All the boxes were delivered last week by partners Berneslai Homes and Wates, either directly to the homes of the families or to 21 family centres and libraries across the borough for collection.

Wendy Lowder, Executive Director for Adults and Communities, said: "it's fantastic that we've been able to offer the Good Food Boxes over the school holidays, supporting families who might need extra help in accessing food and activities to keep healthy.”

“It's been amazing to see the value of working together to deliver the programme across the borough - I'd like to thank all the volunteers who have supported with the programme, our Healthier Communities Team, in-house catering team, Family Centres and Libraries staff and our partners Berneslai Homes and Wates."

Below are some of the positive comments received around the boxes:

“Absolutely amazed at what was inside the food box. We are so very grateful for what we received. Thank you so much.”

“Thank you for my box it was lovely and some nice stuff inside. I really appreciate it and thank you to staff handing them out.”

“I was really impressed with the Good Food Box and the great value of food.”

“The booklet, skipping rope and chalk was a very nice touch. My children loved these items.”

If you received a Good Food Box and would like to leave feedback, you can do so on the council’s website.

More information around the Healthy Holidays programme can be found at

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