Green investment in Barnsley’s council housing stock

Barnsley Council is investing £1.9m in more energy-efficient council housing giving tenants cheaper fuel bills while helping reduce the town’s carbon footprint.

The council has made a commitment that by 2040 its own carbon emissions will be reduced to net zero, meaning as close to zero as possible with any remaining emissions offset through carbon capture programmes such as tree planting.

The council has also committed to working with other organisations to help achieve net zero carbon for the whole borough by 2045.

Therefore reducing the carbon footprint of Barnsley’s housing stock is one of the aims of a £22m programme of capital investment announced by Barnsley Council and Berneslai Homes. Funding has also been earmarked for a raft of other improvements to homes, and work to improve the flood resilience of properties in Lundwood.  

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “In Barnsley, we remain committed to providing better housing to meet the needs of Barnsley people, both now and in the future.

“This Housing Revenue Account helps Berneslai Homes ensure they can do that while at the same reducing our carbon footprint and helping us achieve our targets for a net zero carbon Barnsley by 2045.

“We’ll continue to work with Berneslai Homes to support their service and help make Barnsley a better place for our residents and their families to live and work.”

Berneslai Homes Director of Property Services Arturo Gulla welcomed the report and investment programme saying: “These proposals will ensure that we continue to invest in homes and communities and provide the support and services that meet the needs of our customers and deliver on our shared aspirations for the borough.”

The 2021/22 Housing Revenue Account (HRA) budget and investment proposals for 2021 to 2026 detail a capital investment programme of almost £21.987m for the coming 2021/2022 financial year as part of the £153.6m 2021 to 2026 Council Housing Improvement Programme.

The £22m investment planned for 2021/2022 includes £1m towards flood resilience works to protect properties at Lundwood, £13.5m for the continued work to maintain the Barnsley Homes Standard through works to improve kitchens, bathrooms and other repairs to housing where needed, £2m for major adaptations to properties, £1.6m for structural extensive works and £700,000 for heating works.

There will also be £1.9m allocated for Zero Carbon initiatives to help reduce the carbon footprint of Barnsley’s council housing stock. This will include a variety of energy efficiency and decarbonising work including the installation of some air source heat pumps, which provide low carbon heating. 

Find out more about Barnsley Council’s work to tackle carbon emissions here.

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