Greener vehicles to be added to fleet the council fleet

Replacement of 86 ageing diesel vehicles with vehicles that meet the latest emissions standard is one of the recommendations that Cabinet Members will be asked to approve as part of the continuing vehicle replacement programme. 

It is hoped up to 29 of these will be replaced with fully electric vehicles – subject to successful trials.

We already have 34 fully electric vehicles, which have been very successful. The council’s policy is that whenever a vehicle is due for replacement,  electric vehicles are our preference wherever available.

Whenever there is no suitable electric option, vehicles will always meet the latest emissions standards. It is estimated that the vehicles added to the fleet since 2019 produce approximately 75% less CO2 per km travelled than the older vehicles they have replaced.

The Electric Vehicle market is growing rapidly, however the market for commercial and specialist vehicles like the council often uses has not developed at the same pace as the market for cars.  This means is not yet possible to replace all our vehicles with electric alternatives.

In total up to 102 vehicles will be ordered during the 2023/24 financial year – which includes 86 replacements and some additional vehicles to facilitate the growth of services including Home to School.

Matt O’Neill, Executive Director for Growth and Sustainability, said: “We all have a part to play in helping Barnsley to be net zero carbon as a council by 2040 and as a borough by 2045, protecting our area for future generations. By making greener choices in the vehicles we use as a council, we’re helping reduce carbon emissions and decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. 

“We have faced unprecedented challenges such as increased costs and long delays for vehicles and parts. These replacements will help to ensure that the council is properly equipped to continue to deliver excellent services to the residents of Barnsley.”

Cabinet will be asked to approve the recommendations at their meeting on 5 April.

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