Have your say - additional consultation on Barnsley's Local Plan ends 11 December

Additional public consultation on the borough’s Local Plan ends on Friday 11 December.

The Additional Consultation document and supporting information is available via the council’s consultation site, which can be found by clicking here.

The council is carrying out additional consultation because: 

  • It wants to get people’s views on new sites that have been proposed. The council will then consider all sites, both the new ones and those it consulted on last time, and decide which go forward into the next stage of the plan, which is called the publication version
  • It is putting forward some new policies and issues 

The new sites and issues may have been raised through comments on the consultation draft or are new policy requirements arising from Central Government changes. 

This additional consultation document does not replace or deal with all the issues that were in the consultation draft Local Plan, which the council invited comment on December 2014 to January 2015.  For people who commented on sites, draft policies or any other content in the consultation draft Local Plan, those comments still stand and will be taken into account and do not need to be submitted again. 

Cllr Roy Miller, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place, said: “Consultation is a very important part of the Local Plan process and we hope to get as many views as possible on these proposed additional site options and policies.” 

Comments made on both the Consultation Draft Local Plan 2014 and Additional Consultation document will be taken into account in preparing the Publication version of the Local Plan next summer.

More information is also available on our website at www.barnsley.gov.uk/local-plan-additional-consultation

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