Have your say on changes to important planning document

A consultation is underway on proposed changes to a Supplementary Planning Document which is used to support decision-making on planning applications for housing developments.

Barnsley’s Local Plan, adopted on 3 January 2019, contains policies to be considered when deciding on planning applications. Supplementary planning documents (SPDs) contain further advice and explain how these policies will be applied.

A number of SPDs were adopted following the adoption of the Local Plan, including the Design of Housing Development SPD. Amendments are proposed to update this document and clarify some issues to improve its implementation.

We’re now asking local people for their views on these changes. Comments received by 5pm on 31 October will be considered when drafting the final version.

The proposals include a requirement for 25.6% all new homes to meet the M4(2) standard meaning they are accessible and adaptable for wheelchair users. It will also require 6% of all new homes to meet the more stringent M4(3) standard meaning they are already suitable for wheelchair users to live permanently.

There is a proposal to change the definition of a ‘large dwelling’ as four bedrooms or more, rather than the current definition of ‘four or five’. There are also proposed changes to garage and parking requirements, additional requirements for tree planting, and additional detail on the requirement for developments to have waste management plans.

Cllr Robert Frost, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “The government requires us to deliver at least 900 additional homes a year. We’re committed to making sure our borough has a variety of housing, so you can live in the right home for you. 

“As part of that commitment, it’s important that our planning process remains robust so we ensure we have appropriate and sustainable housing growth. It’s important therefore that we review our supplementary planning documents to make sure they support the aims of our local plan over the long term, and we welcome local people’s view on these important proposed changes. To take part simply visit barnsley.gov.uk/HousingSPD.”

The online consultation runs from Monday 3 October to Monday 31 October 2022. 

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