Have your say on shaping the future of council tax support

Barnsley Council is proposing to make some changes to their localised council tax support scheme and is encouraging residents to have their say by completing a short survey.

Barnsley’s current council tax support scheme was first introduced in April 2013 following the government’s decision to abolish council tax benefit. Through the localised council tax support scheme, working age customers who are eligible for support and have children are awarded a dependant’s allowance for each child - with no limit to the number of dependant allowances that can be awarded.

It’s proposed that from April 2019, a two child limit will be placed on the number of dependent children allowances included within the calculation of benefits. This will not affect existing claims that include more than two children (unless there is a break in the claim) and will allow for more than two dependent children where the child tax credit calculation includes additional children.

Those receiving pass ported benefits such as income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance and income-related employment and support allowance beyond 1 April 2019 would also be unaffected by the proposed changes.

Councillor Gardiner, cabinet spokesperson for corporate services, said: “We’re keen to hear from residents about these proposals and the feedback we receive will be considered as part of the decision making process for the final scheme from April 2019.

“We’d like to reassure residents who currently receive council tax support that these proposals will not affect them – unless a new claim is made or they have an additional child after April 2019. All other aspects of the scheme will remain the same. 

“These changes will put us in line with the governments two child restriction arrangements for housing benefit, universal credit, tax credit and most recently, pensionable age council tax support customers. It will help us deliver a scheme in line with the government’s plans to encourage work and complement the universal credit system.”  

For more information and to complete the survey, visit: www.barnsley.gov.uk/council-tax-support-survey. Alternatively, please call 01226 787376 to request a paper copy. Residents have until Friday 12 October to complete the survey.


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