Highways Capital Programme recommended for approval

Barnsley Council’s Cabinet members will be asked to approve the Highways Capital Programme for 2021/22 which will see a total of £15.4m invested in Barnsley’s road network.

The highway network is the single most valuable asset the council owns with the cost to replace the entire asset estimated at £2.1bn including all carriageways, bridges and other highway structures, highway drainage, traffic signals, safety fencing, supporting earthworks, footways, cycle ways, street lighting, road signs, road markings and road studs.

The proposed programme, to be presented to Cabinet at their meeting on Wednesday 21 April, details a preventative approach to maintain the borough’s highways, improving the resilience and structural integrity of roads.

It continues the ongoing ‘prevention is better than the cure’ approach of improvements to the existing highway network, and measures to improve road safety, resolve delay issues, improve air quality and to encourage active and sustainable travel.

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director for Place, said: “Our Highways Capital Programme will help make our roads safer and more sustainable in the longer term and focus on keeping Barnsley moving for residents and visitors.

“The highway network is a hugely important and valuable asset, so we need to ensure adequate investment to maintain it, not least to support our work to attract new business to the borough.”

The Capital Programme actively supports the council’s journey to achieve carbon net-zero by 2040 by implementing schemes that reduce the carbon footprint and utilise recycling of materials, such as road planings and earthworks materials, and more sustainable surfacing treatments, such as Retread and Surface Dressing. Also the council will be completing the final phase of converting all street lighting to energy efficient LED lanterns with an annual energy saving of 1,200 tonnes of carbon per year.

The full cabinet report is available here.

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