Holocaust Memorial Exhibition

An exhibition to commemorate the Holocaust will take place in the Library @ the Lightbox from Monday 27 January to Friday 31 January.

The display named ‘The Anne Frank Exhibition’ is a project designed by The Anne Frank Trust. The trust have worked in collaboration with Horizon Community College, as part of their curriculum offer in order to build students knowledge prior to studying The Holocaust and World War 2.

The exhibit will be made up of a range of artworks and depictions and will be open to public viewing in a number of sessions. Students and library staff will be available at the exhibition to share information around the work on display as well as to discuss Anne Frank’s story.   

Residents are encouraged to join pupils and staff at the exhibition on one of the following days for public viewing: 

Monday 27 January – 12pm - 5pm

Thursday 30 January – 11am - 5pm

Friday 31 January – 9am - 5pm

Cllr Jenny Platts, spokesperson for Adults and Communities, said: “I would like to say a huge thank you to pupils and staff from Horizon Community College for sharing their learning and work at this important exhibition. 

“This memorial display highlights one of the many events our libraries host, and we are honoured to commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day in the Library @ the Lightbox.”

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