HOME is where the party is!

HOME (Help with Our Mental ‘Ealth) – Barnsley’s early support mental health and emotional wellbeing hub for young people aged 11 to 25 - is celebrating its first birthday with an exciting event on Thursday, 8 December. 

HOMEFest, which takes place from 5pm to 7.30pm at the HOME hub on the first floor of the YMCA building on Blucher Street, will bring together young people and local services to showcase the HOME programme and its successes over its first 12 months.

Young people and professionals from services across Barnsley that work to support the mental health and emotional wellbeing of young people, are invited along for a tour of the hub, an opportunity to find out more about a range of services on offer, a band jam, the launch of the Mindspace app and website, and the launch of a new short film about youth work.

HOME provides open access, flexible, early mental health support in a non-judgmental, welcoming, safe space. 

A young person can be involved with HOME at their own pace, for as long as they would like (up to the age of 25) and can choose which elements of the programme they would like to access.

The service is led by qualified mental health practitioners and youth workers and combines creative, engaging techniques with therapeutic tools in order to provide young people with healthy coping mechanisms, helping them to build their confidence, express their identity, and feel empowered, whilst being creative, connecting and having fun.  

In addition, HOME offers a unique opportunity for young people to access several services in one place. It brings together a range of organisations to offer both their own area of expertise and joint delivery, working together to meet the needs of young people in Barnsley.

HOME is supported by funding from NHS South Yorkshire and is an integral part of the Children’s and Young People Improvement Plan for Barnsley. 

Working with a range of partners from Barnsley Council to YMCA Barnsley and many more, HOME offers a weekly programme of wellbeing sessions, one to one support and a range of support accessible through partner services.

To find out more you can download ‘A Guide to HOME’ at https://chilypep.org.uk/home-barnsley/. This includes further information about who can access HOME and a detailed schedule of sessions and activities. 

Young people interested in accessing HOME or is in need of support for their mental health and emotional wellbeing can contact HOME to arrange an initial meeting with one of the team which will include a tour and an opportunity for the team to find out more about the young person’s needs. 

Or you could join the HOMEFest party on Thursday 8 December!

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