Hoyland is proud to become the first smoke-free high street in Barnsley this Clean Air Day

In 2019 some research was carried out to look at the impact of smoking on the high street in Hoyland. This research revealed that 96 per cent of people choose not to smoke on the high street in Hoyland.

Barnsley Council are committed to see the next generation of children growing up in Barnsley in a place free from tobacco and where smoking is unusual. This is part of the regional Breathe 2025 campaign to create a smoke-free generation. Across the borough, there are smoke-free playparks, smoke-free town centre zones (PALs Square) smoke-free markets and smoke-free primary schools.

Clean Air Day is a national day that helps to spread good advice on improving air quality, with simple actions to make the air cleaner and healthier for everyone. You can reduce air pollution by walking or cycling to work, not idling your engine if you do drive, opening windows when you cook and clean at home and using fragrance free cleaning products. Hoyland’s smoke-free high street helps to contribute to cleaner air for all.

To celebrate becoming the first smoke free high street in Barnsley, local artist Ben Mosley was commissioned to create a painting and mural in the town centre. This bold bright image captures the spirit of the place and the people and has a focus on the clean air on the high street, the heritage of the town and the character of the people.

Taking influence from the art, a package of resources has been created which it is hoped will support the town, help to boost business and the local economy, attract visitors and increase footfall in the town centre. This package of resources consists of bold vibrant graphics, a visual identity for the town and a special website which features the art, introduces Hoyland and highlights the smoke-free status of the high street.

A key feature of the website is a map of the town which directs users to local businesses, organisations, retailers, groups and features of the town. Over time it is hoped that the website can be used as a hub to promote local business activity, events and promotions.

In addition to the website, all business owners and retailers in Hoyland can have access to the visual identity and use it to highlight activities, promotions or events. There will be a free printed version of the map which will highlight everything that is on offer in Hoyland.

Cllr Jim Andrews, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health, said: “We are so pleased that Hoyland has achieved this statistic of 96 per cent of people choosing not to smoke on the high street. We want to ensure smoking becomes almost invisible to protect children’s health. Children and young people are influenced by adult behaviour and are less likely to start smoking if they do not view it as a normal part of everyday life.

“Clean Air Day is an excellent opportunity to celebrate all that the borough is doing to promote wellbeing, active travel and healthier lifestyles, including being smoke-free. It’s great to see Hoyland continuing the brilliant work that has happened at other smoke-free zones across Barnsley.”

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