Hoyland West Masterplan – relocation of Rockingham Sports Ground

Barnsley Council Cabinet has approved the planned relocation of Rockingham Sports Ground.

As part of the wider Hoyland West Masterplan proposals, this scheme means an option agreement with Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation will be in place so that they may purchase the council’s land, where the sports facility currently sits.  

Next steps:

  • The purchase of the land will be in two separate phases and will be subject to the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation obtaining planning permission to develop their adjoining land for warehouse and office accommodation.
  • The Rockingham Sports Ground is currently held under a lease by the Forge Community Partnership. Therefore, the sale of the council’s land will require a two-phase surrender of the existing lease and the relocation of the sporting facilities to a new site at Parkside. 
  • Plans are in place to secure the additional land required for a new sports facility at Parkside, Hoyland. Once the land is acquired, and the required works have taken place, Forge Community Partnership will be granted a new lease of the Parkside site, which will provide an improved sports facility for the community. 
  • The new facilities at Parkside will be part-funded from the capital receipt received from the sale of the Rockingham Sports Ground, and it is proposed that any shortfall will be made up from available S106 planning money and match funding.
  • Realignment of the existing highway at Hoyland Common will require the construction of a link road between the expanded Birdwell roundabout, Tankersley Lane and Sheffield Road to by-pass the crossroads at Hoyland Common, as well as the construction of a new roundabout on Sheffield Road.

The council have been working with the Fitzwilliam Trust Corporation, the developer and the Forge Community Partnership throughout this process. 

All of the current sporting activities will be relocated and rehoused on the alternative sites within the Hoyland area. The plans will provide a much-improved facility and better recreational offer for the community in the long-term. Rockingham Cricket Club will be provided with facilities throughout the planned development, prior to its proposed relocation.

As well as providing an increased number of much needed, high-quality homes in the area, the proposals will also provide a significant jobs boost for the borough. The supporting link road will also be essential to reduce congestion and increase connectivity for local businesses.

All related plans, including the proposed link road and commercial site development nearby, will be subject to obtaining the relevant planning permission. 

You can find out more about the Hoyland Masterplans on our website.

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