Improved paper and cardboard recycling service from August

A change that will make household recycling easier in Barnsley was approved by Cabinet last month.

From August, the council’s recycling contractor will have access to a new sorting facility currently being built. Residents will then able to recycle paper and cardboard together in the blue bin, in a step that will see the white paper recycling sack phased out.

The decision has been taken following feedback from residents and changes in recycling habits. Since 2014, paper recycling has reduced significantly. At the same time cardboard recycling has increased, with more people buying items online and needing to recycle packaging.

The council would like to thank residents for their recycling efforts and ask them to continue to put just cardboard into the blue bin until August when paper can then be included. Reminders about recycling will be given by the council including information on how to correctly sort other household recycling into the coloured bins. 

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director for Place, said: “We’re already good at recycling here in Barnsley thanks to the efforts of residents, and we hope to be able to increase our kerbside recycling even more in the next year.

“We know that the paper sacks were quite unpopular and it’s time to move on from them; we hope that this decision will be welcomed.

“As part of our #EverybodyThink campaign we’ll be sharing lots of useful hints and tips for Barnsley residents to help them sort household items correctly and recycle more.”

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