Improvements to grass cutting schedules to boost biodiversity

Plans to make further improvements to our grass cutting service while also boosting biodiversity are being considered by Cabinet next week.

Our grass cutting team currently cut about 6.5 million square metres of grass on an 18-day cycle. This is a significant improvement on the previous 21-day cutting cycle.

A report recommended for approval by Cabinet on Wednesday 22 September outlines further improvements to grass cutting standards across the borough while increasing areas of natural re-wilding and wildflower meadows. Increasing the areas of natural grassland growth, over time, will improve biodiversity, encourage wildflowers to grow and help create new habitats and vital shelter for pollinators such as bees.

If approved by Cabinet, the team will work with area councils, local councillors, volunteer groups and the highways team over the winter months to identify appropriate sites.

Cllr Chris Lamb, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Transport, said: “There’s a growing and welcome understanding of climate change and the importance of improving our green spaces and biodiversity.

“We’re working hard towards a more Sustainable Barnsley having committed to reducing our carbon emissions as a council to Net Zero by 2040. Increasing biodiversity levels is an important part of this ambition.

“By allowing selected areas of our grass to naturally re-wild we have a win-win situation, where we’ll increase biodiversity and at the same time free up resources to improve the appearance of the maintained grassed areas which we’ll be able to cut even more often as a result.”

Read the full cabinet report here.

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