Improving pathways into council apprenticeships

At the next Cabinet meeting on 12 January, Cabinet members will be asked to approve the recommendation to bridge any gap in pay for young people transferring to an apprenticeship from the Youth Employment Programme with the council. 

This decision, if approved, will allow young people to progress onto an apprenticeship opportunity with the council at National Minimum Wage, the same rate of pay as they were receiving on the Youth Employment Programme. 

The current pay rate for new apprentices to the council is £6.56 per hour, reverting to the National Minimum Wage relative to age after 12 months. This is significantly above the minimum apprentice rate set by Government of £4.30 per hour.  

It is the intention to support all young people taking part in the Youth Employment Programme to move onto either paid employment or apprenticeships both internal and external from the council. 

Cllr Alan Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: “Barnsley is the place of possibilities, where we foster and grow ambition so that people can be the best they can be. 

“This decision will help to remove any barriers to those wanting to take part in an apprenticeship with the council. As young people who have taken part in the Youth Employment Programme will have likely worked at the council for 12 months prior to moving to an apprenticeship, it is only fair and right they do so without facing a reduction in pay. 

“We’re supporting our future generations to develop skills, talent and creativity so that they can realise their ambitions and develop their career. This will also help to drive improvements in overall prosperity and opportunity in our borough. 

“72.2% of working-age people in Barnsley have a job – this needs to be higher, so our young people have something to aspire to. So, it's really important that we open opportunities for young people to gain on the job skills, knowledge, and experience alongside a qualification.” 

Read the cabinet report on improving pathways into council apprenticeships here.

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