Introducing the Active Travel Hub in Barnsley

What was previously known as the Cycle hub, located in the Barnsley Interchange has undergone a transformation to become Barnsley’s very own ‘Active Travel Hub’.

In a bid to encourage Active Travel in Barnsley with more walking and cycling for transport as well as leisure, the Active Travel Hub was officially opened by Cllr Dave Leech, Barnsley’s cycling champion and Hub manager Adam Simmonite on Thursday 6 December 2018.

Cllr Dave Leech, Barnsley’s cycling champion said: “It’s fantastic to open up the Active Travel hub to a larger audience. Not only does active travel increase the health of those who use it, it helps to reduce emissions for others too.

“We have fantastic areas in our borough such as the Trans Pennine Trail and other cycle and walking routes with fantastic scenery. The Active Travel Hub and it’s range of offers available allows more people to use active travel on a day to day basis as well as being a pathway for getting more people to walk and cycle for leisure as well.

“We’ve seen events such as the Tour de Yorkshire and Barnsley Crit bring cycling to the heart of Barnsley which the cycle hub benefited from as it showcases the sport as something for everyone in Barnsley. The Active Travel Hub can continue that as well as promote walking activities such as the history walks and other events happening on a regular basis.”

The Active Travel Hub’s core offer of free bike parking, bike checks, Electric and regular bike loans local cycle route information and recycle bikes will still remain, however, the hub will now offer as an information point for the walking for health service ran by Walk Well Barnsley. 

Active travel is all about using walking or cycling to get about. It's healthier and better for the environment too.

Children who get exercise and fresh air on their way to school are more alert and attentive in class.

Active travel can also:

  • help you get fit and stay a healthy weight
  • improve mental health
  • limit pollution
  • reduce congestion
  • improve road safety

Visit : to discover more about the Active Travel Hub or visit their Facebook page.
If you're going too far to walk or cycle, please think about using public transport.

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