Investment in Wombwell’s High Street recommended for approval

Improvements to Wombwell’s street scene making it more attractive, open and accessible as part of Barnsley Council’s £5m Principal Towns project are to be discussed by Cabinet on Wednesday, 10 March.

Principal Towns aims to improve local economies around the borough and help our high streets thrive. It focuses on the six principal towns of Cudworth, Goldthorpe, Hoyland, Penistone, Royston and Wombwell, which is the last project to be awarded as part of the first phase of the programme.

The proposals for Wombwell total £386,100 and include public realm improvements, new CCTV, improved market stalls, new cladding to improve the appearance of some key buildings along the High Street, and grants to help attract new businesses to some of the larger empty units.

Over the years a variety of different street furniture elements and bollards have been added to the High Street, and some of it is not in the ideal location and can create issues for people with sight or mobility issues. Part of the proposal is to improve the layout of street furniture creating a more open, flexible space while still providing ample seating areas.

Wombwell High Street’s market is extremely popular, and new demountable stalls will provide a tidier consistent feel to the market while providing more cover to traders. This will help provide an even better offer to local shoppers attracting more people to use their local High Street.

A new CCTV system funded as part of the scheme has already been approved and installed helping ensure community safety and deter crime.

Wombwell does not have a huge number of empty shop units, yet those that are unoccupied are quite large and have been empty for some time. Part of the funding will be used to offer grants to assist in filling these units with businesses once more to improve the attractiveness of the High Street.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “We are really proud of our Principal Towns Scheme which has been a huge boost to all our principal towns, as well as some of our smaller local centres.

“Our proposals for Wombwell have been put together following lengthy and detailed consultation with local elected members, community groups and businesses, and we now have a range of targeted proposals which will help encourage even more people to shop and spend time on their local High Street.

“Shopping locally has been hugely important through the pandemic, and as we begin to emerge from it we will soon be wishing to spend our leisure time in our local town centres once again. We know just how hard the last year has been for businesses as well as local people. This Principal Towns investment will be a welcome boost to all businesses, and residents, in Wombwell.”

The cabinet report can be found here.

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