Keeping Barnsley children safe from harm

Cabinet Members at Barnsley Council will receive the latest Annual Report from Barnsley

Local Safeguarding Children Board (BSCB) and be updated on the work carried out over

the last year, at their next meeting on Wednesday, 5 September. 

Section 13 of the Children Act (2004) requires each local authority to establish a Local Safeguarding Children Board within their area. Section 14 of the Act outlines the objectives of

LSCBs which are:

  • To co-ordinate what is done by each organisation represented on the Board for the purpose of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children in the area.
  • To ensure the effectiveness of each partner organisation’s role in the above purpose.

Barnsley LSCB is an independent body with an independent Chairperson who is able to

hold partner organisations to account for their effectiveness in safeguarding children and

promoting their wellbeing.

One of the responsibilities of the Board’s Chair is to produce an annual report on the

effectiveness of local arrangements for safeguarding children and promoting their welfare.

This year’s report gives information on how the Board challenges partner organisations in

holding them to account regarding their performance and effectiveness in protecting and

safeguarding children.

 It notes the continued monitoring and updated of the much more user friendly Barnsley Safeguarding Children Board Web Site and also the continued actions being taken to minimise and prevent the risk of all forms of harm, including child sexual exploitation and improving children and young people’s safety, whilst online.

Cllr Margaret Bruff, Cabinet Spokesperson for People (Safeguarding) said: “This Annual Report provides assurance to our communities that the protection of every vulnerable child and young person in the borough from harm is an objective that is regarded with overriding importance by the Board and its partners, including the council.”

The Cabinet report can be read in full here:

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