Latest data shows our stop smoking services are the second-best nationally for helping people to quit

According to the latest NHS data, Barnsley’s stop smoking services are the second-best nationally for helping people to successfully quit.

From April 2021 to March 2022, NHS Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley helped 72 per cent of local smokers who set a quit date to successfully stop smoking. This sees our stop smoking services coming out on top across Yorkshire and the Humber.

Their support is helping people of all ages to successfully quit, coming out ahead of the national (55 per cent) and regional (63 per cent) averages for local stop smoking services.

This means when you come to Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley, you can expect a service that is leading the way regionally. Their team of trained advisors will help you stick to your quit attempts or give quitting another go with friendly, expert advice.

Our success extends to helping pregnant women to quit and stay quit, helping them give their babies a smoke-free start in life.

Between April 2021 and March 2022, the support offered by Barnsley Hospital’s maternity stop smoking service helped 66 per cent of pregnant women who set a quit date to successfully stop smoking.

This places Barnsley above the national (46 per cent) and regional (57 per cent) averages, showing how valuable our support is for pregnant women and their families.

Working closely with Barnsley Hospital, we’re bringing our smoking at time of delivery (SATOD) rates in our borough down, sitting at 13.6 per cent from April 2021 to March 2022.

Our most recent data places our SATOD rate for Barnsley mothers at 10.5 per cent, rising to 12.3 per cent when we include families living outside our borough who gave birth at Barnsley Hospital. Our annual SATOD rate will be available later this year, where we hope to see these improvements reflected in bringing our rates down further.

The hospital’s specialist maternity service offers free, confidential support and advice, building on NHS Yorkshire Smokefree’s local offer.

Councillor Caroline Makinson, Cabinet Spokesperson for Public Health and Communities, said: “We’re committed to making smoking invisible in our borough, with only 17 per cent of people in Barnsley currently smoking, and we’re working closely with partners to keep this number coming down.

“I’m delighted to see Barnsley coming in second nationally and topping the tables regionally for helping people to successfully quit smoking.

“Quitting smoking is not just great for your health and wellbeing but, as the rising cost of living continues to impact our communities, it can really help your wallet too. We could not do this alone, so I would like to thank our NHS partners for all they do to help people quit smoking for good. There’s no better time to start your quitting journey, so if you think you need a helping hand, please get in touch with Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley today.”

Amanda Longdon, Service Manager for Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley, said: “At Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley, it is our mission to help the residents of Barnsley strive to live a healthier life. We are proud of the work we’re doing across the borough to help people stop smoking through the hard work and dedication of our team.

“Stopping smoking is one of the single biggest and best things that can be done to improve your own and your family’s health. If you would like further information on stopping smoking and the support we offer, please call us on 01226 644364 and select option two.”

Stopping smoking offers a wide range of health benefits, starting from the day you quit, is proven to boost your wellbeing and can save you money. We know quitting can be hard but getting the right support can really boost your chances of successfully stopping for good.

Yorkshire Smokefree Barnsley offers a wide range of free and confidential support to suit your needs, including their online quit tool, advice helpline and free stop-smoking products.

Find out how they can help by visiting the NHS Yorkshire Smokefree website or calling 0800 612 0011 to speak to a friendly, trained advisor.

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