Latest performance report reveals 2018/19 is looking bright for Barnsley

Barnsley Council has revealed that the percentage of adults (18 years plus) who smoke in Barnsley has fallen to 18.2 percent - the biggest reduction seen in years. What’s more, 6.4 percent of Barnsley’s smoking population are undergoing treatment to quit - which exceeds the 4 percent target set by the council. These figures show some great progress being made towards the council’s priority to create a smoke free generation.

This is just one highlight taken from the council’s quarter one performance report 2018/19 (April to June 2018) which will be shared with cabinet next week. The report reveals that 2018/19 started with a bang with great progress already being made towards achieving the councils 12 outcomes and three key priorities outlined in the corporate plan.

Here’s a snap shot of highlights and achievements made during quarter one:

  • 11 businesses recognised that Barnsley is the place to be, so they relocated - bringing with them 91 jobs and over £10.3 million of private sector investment.
  • 57.9 percent of care leavers (19 to 21 years) are now in education, employment and/or training.
  • Almost 1.8 million people visited the town centre – 66,486 more than this time last year driving towards Barnsley’s ambition for a vibrant town centre.
  • 275 new homes have been built, and an impressive 43 empty houses returned to use through the empty homes scheme.
  • Take-up of free childcare for eligible 2 year olds reached 79 per cent, improving from 77 percent at the end of 2017/18.
  • 2,771 residents have engaged in volunteering within their local community - including 620 new volunteers and a cashable value equivalent to £145,743 - significantly higher than this time last year.
  • Waste diverted from landfill has increased over the last quarter reaching a phenomenal 97.4 percent – truly putting Barnsley on the map for sustainable waste management.
  • The council’s Digital Champions have provided digital support to 2,283 residents helping them to access more council services online and an impressive 55.6 percent of all contact with the council was made online.

Councillor Gardiner, Cabinet Spokesperson for Corporate services, said: “Our quarter one report 2018/19 showcases some very encouraging progress and sets a real precedent as we drive through quarter two. We’ve hit the ground running and already achieved a great deal.

“We welcomed an incredible 324,362 visitors over the last three months - contributing an estimated £6.98 million to our visitor economy. We hosted stage 2 of the prestigious Tour de Yorkshire attracting 26,000 spectators - we put Barnsley on the map and showed the world what we’re made of.

“The report shows that we’ve significantly reduced the number of permanent admissions to residential and nursing care and we’ve completed 77 percent of adult social care reviews within the relevant timescales – a big improvement from 53 percent this time last year. We’ve carried out 39.6 percent of children’s social care assessments within 20 days, exceeding national and regional averages. This is a real improvement and demonstrates our hard work to protect the most vulnerable.

“Equally important, the report identifies those areas requiring greater attention so we can make improvements to close the gap between where we are and where we want to be. For instance, the report reveals that we need to reduce the number of alcohol related admissions to hospital, so a programme of work has been developed to tackle the availability, affordability and acceptability of alcohol.

“From our progress so far - along with support from our partners and communities, I’m confident we’ll continue to improve and get to where we want to be. I’m excited to see what the future holds as we strive towards a brighter future, a better Barnsley.”

The cabinet report can be read here.

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