Make attendance matter this new school year

Barnsley parents, carers and pupils are reminded that achieving at school is closely linked to regular school attendance and this new school year is a chance to get into good habits.

At primary school, regular attendance means that children are more likely to achieve the national expected standards in reading, writing, and maths, while at secondary school, a good school attendance means pupils are more likely to achieve good results.

Some 62.8% of pupils who had a 95% or over attendance rate achieved five A*-C grade GCSEs compared with just 5.1% who had 80% or less attendance.

Being at school on time is also important – being 15 minutes late every day is the same as missing two weeks of school, over the academic year.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for People (Achieving Potential) said: “Regular school attendance allows young people to develop socially and make long-lasting friendships. They are also more likely to achieve better grades and access learning and training opportunities when they leave school.    

“Young people cannot afford to miss a single day of their education. Missing lessons can have a very serious impact on their future prospects.”

More information about managing school attendance can be found on the council’s website

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