Make dreaming about a good night’s sleep a reality with #sleeptips

Barnsley Council’s Public Health team will be sharing their top tips for a good night’s sleep in the run up to the clocks going back on Sunday, 28 October, which gives people an extra hour in bed.

One of the key themes highlighted in the last annual Director of Public Health Report, ‘A Day in the Life of’ was sleep. This was due to the significant number of Barnsley residents revealing their feelings of tiredness during the day and how lack of sleep was affecting their day to day lives.

According to a 2016 report from the Royal Society for Public Health, in England, four in ten people aren’t getting enough sleep while one in five people sleep poorly most nights. This represents the second most common health complaint after pain.

Prolonged nights with poor sleep can create more serious issues including an increased risk of injury or accident and a difficulty in making decisions and concentrating. You will undoubtedly feel down and your mood will be low.

The amount of sleep people need depends on what is happening in their lives, but good-quality sleep is important for everyone’s health and wellbeing, helping them to de-stress, concentrate during the day and learn new things.

A number of #sleeptips will be shared on the council’s social media accounts, to encourage ‘sleep hygiene’; habits and practices that are conducive to sleeping well on a regular basis, as well as helping people understand the links between poor sleep and smoking, diet and alcohol.

Page 37 of the Director of Public Health report shows the slumber number chart - guidance on roughly how much sleep people should be aiming to have according to their age.

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