Members to receive annual report of Barnsley’s corporate parenting panel

The latest Annual Report of Barnsley Council’s Corporate Parenting Panel will be

presented to Cabinet Members on Wednesday, 5 September.

They will be asked to note the progress and achievements made by the Panel in

 supporting children and young people in care, together with care leavers, during



Both the Children Act (2004) and the Children (Leaving Care) Act (2000) continue to place

a statutory duty upon Barnsley Council to protect children from suffering significant harm

and to provide continued financial and transitional support for care leavers aged up to 25.  

More recently, Part 1 of the Children and Social Work Act (2017) and the publication of

subsequent statutory guidance, requires the council to give due regard to act in the best

interests of and to secure the best outcomes for looked after children and care leavers.

As part of this, the publication of a ‘Local Offer’ to young people leaving care, including

provision of a personal advisor, was considered and approved by Cabinet at its meeting

held in April this year.

The Corporate Parenting Panel’s work supports one of the Council’s Corporate Priorities,

notably by ensuring children and young people in care are kept safe from harm and are

enabled to have their say in overseeing the quality and effectiveness of local services, as

part of improving their potential and life chances. 

The Panel’s latest annual report, shows how it helps children and  young people both in and leaving care, to stay safe and healthy; improve their aspirations and prospects and enjoy enriching lives in accordance with the council’s ‘Pledge’ to children in care and care leavers in the borough.  

The report and supporting information can be read in full here:

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