More electric vehicles to be added to Barnsley Council’s fleet

Cabinet members will be asked to approve the replacement of 11 more petrol and diesel vehicles in the council’s fleet with ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) as part of Barnsley Council’s work to achieve carbon net-zero.

The report to be presented at the next Cabinet meeting on Wednesday 21 April recommends the replacement a further batch of vehicles as part of the ongoing vehicle replacement strategy 2019 to 2025. This batch includes 11 petrol or diesel vehicles used by council departments, of which 100 per cent will be replaced with ULEVs.

It takes the number of electric vehicles in the council fleet from 30 to 41. The strategy is that when a vehicle needs to be replaced, it will be with a ULEV wherever possible, and where this isn’t possible, for example with very large vehicles such as refuse collection vehicles, these will meet the very latest emissions standards.

In addition, a further 55 vehicles will be ordered on behalf of Berneslai Homes, seven of which will be ULEVs.

The use of fully electric vehicles by council departments was made possible by the installation of electric vehicle charging points for up to 30 vehicles at the council’s Smithies depot last year. All the electricity to charge the vehicles is purchased through the council's 100 per cent renewable electricity tariff. 

The new batch of vehicles, including those ordered for Berneslai Homes, will give a reduction in tailpipe emissions of 75 per cent compared to the vehicles they replace. This helps the council work toward its goal to achieve carbon net-zero by 2040.

Matt Gladstone, Executive Director for Place, said: "Our vehicle replacement strategy is having a positive impact on the council's service delivery, providing a more efficient and reliable service for our residents.

“They are also helping us to significantly reduce our carbon emissions and improve air quality.

“As a council, we want to lead by example. We’re increasing the number of electric vehicle charging points available across our borough by installing them at public car parks, and as more and more people see electric vehicles out on the road, we hope more people will make the switch when it’s time to replace their own vehicles."

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