National Highways and Transport Survey returns to Barnsley

Local people are being asked for their views on Barnsley’s highways and transport services – from the condition of roads and footpaths to the quality of cycling facilities. Their answers will be compared with the views of other members of the public across England and Scotland, thanks to the National Highways and Transport Public Satisfaction survey.

Barnsley Council is one of 111 local authorities to sign up to a standardised survey that will ask members of the public the same questions, whether they live in Bristol, Blackpool or Barnsley.

The survey, which is now in its tenth year, enables local authorities to compare results, share in best practice and identify opportunities to work together in the future.

The questionnaire will be sent to a minimum random sample of 3,300 Barnsley residents from Friday 7 June, followed by a reminder letter if the survey hasn’t been returned. The local and national results will be published in early October 2019.

Residents that receive the questionnaire can complete the paper version or submit an online version if they prefer. A short URL link will be printed on the front of the survey and residents will be required to enter a code before completing online.

Cllr Chris Lamb, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Transportation, said: “I urge anyone who is sent the survey to please complete it, this can be done online or in paper format and will only take 10 to 15 minutes.

“It’s an excellent chance for residents to let us know what is important to them. The results and feedback will be analysed and used to inform our decisions moving forward to help deliver and maintain the vital infrastructure needed for the people who visit, live and work Barnsley.

This news is linked to Town Spirit, our new way of working better together. We believe, that if everyone in Barnsley does just one thing, we can make our borough a more welcoming place to live, work, invest and visit.

#BuildIt doesn’t just link to the town centre regeneration; it covers all the things we do to provide vibrant towns across the borough. As well as building new infrastructure, leisure and cultural facilities, it also includes the maintenance of what we already have.

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