New environmental contract for South Area

Barnsley Council's South Area council tendered and awarded a new contract to Twiggs Clean and Green Team.

The service will start in April 2021 and will begin to:

  • support, restoring and restarting community initiatives and volunteering in line with COVID-19 restrictions
  • increase employability, skills development, career support
  • improve wellbeing through access to the outdoors and physical activities
  • work with local businesses.

Twiggs is experienced in delivering community engagement and development. They work in partnership with residents, community groups, businesses and schools to build community resilience around environmental improvement and community ownership by involving locals and inspiring people to 'Love Where You Live'.

The contract had previously been run by Anvil CIC, who in the last seven years have worked to build community involvement and volunteering in the south area with a focus on further developing already established groups and offering more technical and specialised support.

Barnsley Council spokesperson, said: "We must start by thanking Anvil CIC for their previous work in the South Area. Their team have done a wonderful job working with our communities. The South Area team continue to be committed to improving the environment for people who live in the south area. In the awarding of this new contract to Twiggs, we look forward to building on the work that has already been achieved and plan steps forward for our amazing volunteers and groups to be able to continue activities safely once COVID-19 regulations allow."

Groups and volunteers that would like more information should call 01226 286111 or email There is also an online contact form on the 'Contact Us' page at

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