New five-year plan for Barnsley Town Centre

A five-year Town Centre Plan aimed at growing Barnsley as a great place to live, learn and do business will be presented to Cabinet for their approval on Wednesday 15 December.

The Town Centre Plan 2021 to 2026 is aimed at attracting investment and businesses into Barnsley, supporting inclusive growth and improving the lives of Barnsley’s residents and their communities.

It supports the vision for a town centre that is:

  • coherent, well designed, and healthy
  • easy to get to and get around, accessible, better connected, and sustainable
  • a catalyst for a brighter future; with a bustling and thriving economy ,a great place to live, learn and do business
  • safe, inclusive, attractive, exciting, and welcoming family-first, age-and child-friendly
  • well promoted with a positive reputation locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our vision for the town centre is as a ‘place of possibilities’ and the plan has been developed through talking to many partners and businesses based in the town centre.

We are working for the town centre to contribute to our priorities of a Growing Barnsley through an inclusive economy; Healthy Barnsley through supporting positive wellbeing; Learning Barnsley by offering diverse life-long learning opportunities; and a Sustainable Barnsley, helping meet our net-zero carbon targets for the borough by 2045.

We are taking an inclusive, listening approach to looking after and growing our town centre, which puts the customer first and creates positive experiences, memories and perceptions.

The council has invested significantly in the town centre with the Glass Works, as well as new public realm, the installation of public art and public health initiatives such as smoke free zones.

The plan, if approved by Cabinet, will guide future actions and activities over the next five years to make sure projects and developments support the vision for the town centre.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Regeneration and Culture, said: “Our town centre has been improved so much with the investment in the Glass Works and the wider street scene.

“We want to do more. If we stand still, the borough’s economy will stand still. Our borough will have better homes, jobs, services and transport links, and this plan makes sure everything we do in our town centre is moving us in the right direction.

“The completion of the Glass Works is more of a beginning than an ending. We want to keep adding more and more reasons for people to be in town, making it a great place to live, learn and do business.”

You can read the full plan on our website

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