New Food Plan for Barnsley

Barnsley Council’s Public Health Team will present its new Food Plan to Cabinet Members on Wednesday, 3 October, where they will be asked to support the aims and priorities of the plan and agree to consider and acknowledge healthy weight and food in all future policy decisions.

The report states that food is one of the public health strategic priorities (2018-2021) and that the Food Plan is Barnsley Council’s response to the increasing levels of obesity in the borough.

It proposes how the council and its partners can all contribute locally to improving health outcomes and health inequalities related to healthy weight and associated chronic illnesses.

The plan seeks to go beyond traditional interventions and will address food access, food quality and the local supply chain to ensure the council achieves its ambition of Accessible quality food for all.

The Food Plan has been drafted in consultation with colleagues across council directorates, the Barnsley GP Federation and South West Yorkshire NHS Foundation Trust. Other agencies were also invited to comment and provide feedback.

The Food Plan aims to provide equal access to quality, healthy food. The Plan recognises that although our residents come from diverse backgrounds, food is the one thing we all have in common, and it has the ability to unify people through celebrations and events.

Food access is one of the plan’s priorities. The purpose of this priority is to tackle food poverty and address health inequalities around healthy weight. One of the outcomes of the plan is to ensure each person will have access to food that is nutritious, affordable, delivers and that benefits their health and wellbeing.

Addressing the consumer food environment (another priority of the Food Plan), will also contribute to tackling the causes and impact of poverty. The Food Plan also aims to raise awareness among residents about the importance of a healthy diet.

The Plan is connected to a number of other council health strategies such as Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, Physical Activity and the Healthy Lifestyles Service which are all aimed at improving health inequalities across the borough.

The report can be read in full here:

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