New school starter leaflets create a buzz

Barnsley Council is working with primary schools and early years settings across the borough to make good attendance part of new starters’ school lives.

The new starter leaflets schools give out to families of children who start school for the first time in September include two bee characters – Be There and Be on Time to reinforce the importance of school attendance and punctuality – even for Barnsley’s youngest learners.

School readiness is also a big part of successful attendance and there are some top tips included for parents and carers, along with the big kid school challenge for children – a list of activities teachers would love children to be able to do by the time they start school.

Gary Kelly, Head of Barnsley Schools Alliance, said: “We are so pleased that schools have agreed to work together with Barnsley Schools Alliance Board and the council’s Education Welfare Service in this way. Good attendance and punctuality are linked to attainment and it’s our ambition that every Barnsley child achieves their potential.  Although these children are just starting out in their school lives, forming good habits will set them up for life.”

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