NHS COVID-19 vaccine bookings to open to Barnsley residents as autumn booster campaign kicks off

The lifesaving autumn booster rollout began in care homes across England this week, as the NHS COVID-19 vaccination programme moves to deliver the autumn booster.

More than 125,000 Barnsley residents will be eligible for their autumn booster, with the oldest and most vulnerable invited first. People are able to book their appointments online or through 119 as long as it has been three months (91 days) since their last dose.

From Wednesday, around 25,000 Barnsley residents, including people aged 75 and over, people who are immunosuppressed and health and care workers will be able to book an appointment online or by calling 119. People aged 50 and over will be able to book their autumn boosters as they become eligible. 

Invitations will be landing on doormats from Wednesday 7 September inviting people to book their appointment for the following week without delay.

The NHS will contact people when it is their turn to book in for the vaccine – you do not need to contact the NHS.

More than 70 care homes in Barnsley will be visited by vaccinating teams this week with many more scheduled before the end of the month with thousands of local residents and staff set to receive the new variant-tackling jab.

Julia Burrows, Executive Director of Public Health and Communities said: “We want everyone in Barnsley to enjoy the best possible physical and mental health possible. Having your booster, as well as your flu jab, is the best protection against serious illness this winter so I strongly urge everyone in Barnsley to get vaccinated.

“It is also still a good idea to consider wearing a face covering in busy indoor areas and washing hands regularly will help keep our communities safe this winter.”

Andrea Parkin, Lead Nurse at the Barnsley COVID-19 vaccination service said: “Once again, the NHS in Barnsley begins the lifesaving vaccination campaign to protect the nation ahead of winter.

“COVID-19 is still with us, and people can still become very ill.  Having your booster will ensure you continue to have the best protection against Coronavirus through the winter months.”

“When the booking service opens this week, don’t delay, there will be lots of appointments across Barnsley this autumn. Priory Campus is a great venue for the vaccination service to deliver the autumn booster and has been preparing to see thousands of people over the coming weeks.”

More than half a million COVID-19 vaccines have been administered in Barnsley since the first local residents received theirs in December 2020.

Over 8 out of 10 eligible people received a spring booster earlier this year. The NHS in Barnsley urged those people to get that dose before the end of July to ensure enough time had passed to optimise the protection an autumn booster would provide over winter.

The NHS in Barnsley will also be rolling out the free flu vaccine and is encouraging eligible people to take up the offer where possible.

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