One Adoption highlights growing need for adoptive parents in South Yorkshire

Adoptive families who can provide a loving, stable home are needed right now for just over 100 children in South Yorkshire. 

And new information published to mark National Adoption Week (16-22 October), shows that 61 per cent of children waiting for adoptive families across the whole of Yorkshire and Humber are brothers and sisters in groups of two or more. 

“Children with a plan for adoption range from babies to school age and they all need permanent families to care for them as they grow and develop into adults,” said Joanne Hewson, Chair of the new One Adoption Regional Adoption Board, which is highlighting the need for more adopters in the region. 

“One Adoption is made up of friendly, supportive, expert teams from all over the region and we are encouraging anyone considering adoption to get in touch and find out more about becoming an adoptive parent.” 

Figures also reveal that:

  • 53 per cent of sibling groups awaiting adoption in Yorkshire and Humber are children aged four plus. 
  • These groups are made up of 50 per cent boys and 50 per cent girls.
  • 45 per cent of the sibling groups awaiting adoption are Black and Minority Ethnic children. 

One Adoption is a new approach comprising experienced professionals in three regions:  One Adoption West Yorkshire, One Adoption South Yorkshire and One Adoption North & Humber, including some local authority adoption teams. 

The regional partnership is a new way of working where many of the individual adoption agencies across Yorkshire are working together to improve adoption services and outcomes for children. 

Sue May, Head of One Adoption South Yorkshire, said: “South Yorkshire has some excellent adoption agencies already, and we’re already learning from best practices across the region, to make our services even better. One of the benefits for people interested in adopting a child is that they can adopt from anywhere and there is a co-ordinated system within the region. It doesn’t matter where you live, we have children waiting for loving family and we want to hear from you.” 

Joanne Hewson added: “We are at the beginning of our journey of creating the new One Adoption way of working and collaborating together we will speed up the adoption process in some localities, and help children be matched to the right adoptive parents more quickly, by pooling expertise, skills, knowledge and resources across the county.” 

For more information about adopting in South Yorkshire, visit or call 0345 112 0012. 

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