Online consultation on climate action launched

People across Barnsley are invited to share their thoughts and ideas about how we move positively into a net zero carbon future.

Barnsley Council has an ambition that we will be a net-zero carbon borough by 2045, and we are looking into how we can make that ambition a reality.

A key part of this work is hearing the views of Barnsley residents. To help with this, everyone living or working in the borough is invited to take part in a conversation on an online consultation platform hosted by the Centre for Sustainable Energy.

We want to find out what the people of Barnsley think about the transition to net zero carbon, and how we can make sure the change a positive one that generates jobs, reduces health inequalities, and that we all think is fair. We want to find out what things you are looking forward to about a low carbon future, but we also want to hear about the things you might be worried about.

To take part, simply visit and follow the link to Have your say on Barnsley's zero-carbon vision and join the conversation. Please share with your family, friends and colleagues so everyone can have their say.

Cllr Chris Lamb, Cabinet Spokesperson for Environment and Transport, said: “Huge change is needed to deal with the climate crisis and in Barnsley we must play our part. These changes will be far reaching, and we need to make sure we understand how best to maximise the benefit of this change for local residents.

“Entirely new kinds of jobs and industries will be created, and we need to be at the centre of that. This transformation will change everybody's life, and we want to make sure it’s for the better.

“It's time to believe in the possibilities of Barnsley, to look to the future with excitement and optimism. Our borough is a place that fosters and grows ambition, enabling everyone to be the best they can be.

“Please visit to tell us about your thoughts and feelings about the zero-carbon future and help us make this transition work for everyone in Barnsley.”

We’re working towards the council achieving net-zero carbon by 2040, and supporting the whole borough to achieve net-zero by 2045. Net-zero means working to reduce emissions to as low as feasibly possible, and offsetting the remainder when it’s absolutely necessary.

Some recent work towards this includes: 

  • Securing £5.3m Public Sector Decarbonisation funding to make our public buildings, leisure centres and schools more energy efficient and installing low carbon heating and solar panels.
  • Funding of £7m awarded through the Local Authority Delivery schemes to improve the efficiency of council housing stock across our borough. This includes helping those in fuel poverty by insulating homes.
  • Working with Energise Barnsley on a scheme to install solar panels to an additional 1,000 homes across our borough with big plans for much more investment though our Solar Strategy.
  • Protecting and enhancing our green spaces by committing to planting 10,000 trees as a council and working with partners to plant many more.
  • Seeking approval for a public space protection order to protect our peat moorlands in the west of the borough.
  • Installing electric vehicle charging points in car parks across the borough to encourage people to switch to electric vehicles.

The online consultation will be running until 30 January 2022 so you have plenty of time to share your views.

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