Organisations and businesses encouraged to register their defibrillators

Barnsley Council is encouraging people to register their community defibrillators with Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS).

A community defibrillator is one that is outside and available for public access. They can be found on high streets, by sports clubs, restaurants, railway stations or schools. Often, they are in yellow or green cabinets or mounted on the wall.

It’s essential for YAS to know where all community defibrillators are located. This helps emergency responders get to the nearest one if someone is suffering from a cardiac arrest. There are over 3000 known defibrillators in Yorkshire, but it is likely there are a lot more that aren’t registered.

A campaign from YAS in 2017 allowed the service to find 41 previously unregistered defibrillators. Barnsley Council and YAS are hoping that even more defibrillators can be registered to help save lives across Yorkshire.

Once the defibrillator is registered, it is also important that the machine is well looked after. Following the maintenance guidance is a good way to stay on top of all the checks needed. Check the LCD display weekly to make sure that the screen is showing all the correct icons. The display screen indicates if the defibrillator is working, if the battery or pads need replacing, or if there are any error alerts. YAS also recommend that defibrillator guardians register with Guardian Vigilance System. This secure online system allows users to regularly maintain their defibrillator and share data with the NHS ambulance service.

Julia Burrows, Director of Public Health, said: “Registering these life-saving devices is of great importance for the community and the ambulance service. If you have a business or organisation that owns a community defibrillator, please make sure you’ve registered it and know how to maintain it.

“Even as a resident, you might see a defibrillator at your local sports club or near schools and colleges. Why not speak to someone from that organisation to make sure they have registered it?”

You can register your community defibrillator here:

Register your static defibrillator here: 

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