Our Good Food Boxes are back to support families this May half-term

After a successful Easter programme, Healthy Holidays is back this May half-term to support Barnsley families to stay healthy and keep active.

Working alongside partners, and with funding from the Department for Education, the Healthy Holidays project helps to support families to cover lunches over the school holidays. The programme sets out to not only deliver food but also to provide activities that are educational, as well as physical and creative.

Over Easter, the programme saw Good Food Boxes being provided to over 4,000 children across Barnsley, containing enough food for each child to replace their school lunches during the holidays.

Over the May half-term holidays our Good Food Boxes are back, providing children with food meeting school meals nutritional standards. The boxes contain fresh fruit, veg and cupboard essentials, with vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free options available.

Once again, the boxes will also contain fun activities to encourage families to keep active over the holidays. As part of the 'What's Your Move' campaign, there’ll be plenty of ways to ‘Get Active and Get Outside’ this half-term, from fun and safe activities across the borough to those included in families’ boxes. 

Eligible families will have received a letter explaining how they can register for their Good Food Box. Families must have registered by Friday 7 May to make sure they have a box for the May half-term.

More information can be found on our dedicated web page at barnsley.gov.uk/HealthyHolidays.

Wendy Lowder, Executive Director for Adults and Communities, said: “We’re really proud that we’re able to support children across the borough again this half-term with Healthy Holidays. We’re working with so many fantastic partners to bring this programme to families in Barnsley, and it’s great to see the value of working together and what we can achieve.”

“It’s really important that children and families are supported to stay healthy, and that those who might need support have access to it. If you’ve received a letter from us I really encourage you to sign up to the programme – we’ve got a fantastic offer in place to help you keep healthy and active over the holidays.”

Amy Calvert, Good Food Barnsley’s Innovation Manager, added: “The Healthy Holidays programme has a really impressive legacy in Barnsley. Previously led by the third sector, Healthy Holidays provides integral support to children and families outside of term time and sees private, public and third sector organisations working effectively together to provide the best support possible to Barnsley citizens."

"Healthy Holidays isn’t just about giving children food, though this is a crucial part of the support. It’s about encouraging and inspiring children and families to lead healthy lives, and supporting them when tight budgets make it harder for them to do so. Healthy Holidays encourages children and families to get active and eat nutritious and delicious meals. It’s also about supporting and encouraging families to access other relevant support available to them and empowering Barnsley families to make positive changes that work for the whole family. We all need to eat, and when budgets are tighter, it is often the case that the possibilities of food are limited, which is something we’re looking to change. Food is a great way of bringing people together, and we work together to ensure that Barnsley citizens have access to the food they need to thrive.”

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