Overview and Scrutiny decision on the A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway Junction road improvement scheme

Cabinet's decision for the award of the main works contract for the A628 Dodworth Road/Broadway improvement scheme, and revised costs for the project, has now been approved.

This was following further consideration by the council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Barnsley Council had received a “Call in” notice regarding the Cabinet’s decision. This is a formal procedure under the Council’s Constitution which allows councillors who are not members of the Cabinet to call for a review and ask for it to be reconsidered.

The meeting considered all points raised, and the final decision was concluded by an electronic vote.

The majority of committee members voted in support of the original decision.  

In a statement on the progression of the scheme, Cllr Sir Steve Houghton CBE, Leader of Barnsley Council, said: "Any revised costs for major projects are considered carefully, and there are a number of factors which have had an impact on the scheme.

“Firstly, we want to consider our residents. That means some additional actions that we will take to reduce impact on those people living close by. When consulting on these arrangements, we’ve identified further steps we can take, which we feel are important.

“The ground stabilisation has been a key piece of work and we needed to get that right, to make sure we have the right structure in place to hold the traffic. The essential work we’ve undertaken has added to costs.

“It was also important that we increased security for the site and that we protected employees and residents at the start of the project.

“As we’ve also been clear on, we know that there were concerns around the landscape and environment. We understand this is a big project – but we’ve committed to providing further enhancements in surrounding parks and greenspaces as part of the plans, along with the extensive tree planting we had in place.

“Finally, we will see some rising costs on the works within the scheme, which is inevitable in the current climate and the overall impacts on construction projects. We are though committed to this project, which is vital to reduce traffic congestion in this area, provide better connectivity for our residents, improve access to our growing town centre, and help to support businesses to grow.

“All councils are under financial pressure due to the Covid-19 pandemic, however, we have been one of the most proactive councils in terms of getting the emergency funding out to our businesses and residents, and have well-managed finances.

“We can’t stand still on major projects; this scheme is essential to our town centre redevelopment and wider growth. The revised costs will be covered from capital reserves specifically earmarked for this purpose.”

A number of further enhancements to the scheme, recently approved by Cabinet can be viewed on our website.

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