Partners explore what's possible for transport and logistics in Barnsley

On Wednesday 18 May, partners from across the borough came together to explore how Barnsley people and the economy can benefit from employment opportunities in transport and logistics. 

Barnsley Council welcomed engagement with businesses and partners. Together, the group talked about the current recruitment challenges and opportunities for a range of job roles.

Sarah Norman, Chief Executive for Barnsley Council, and Kathy McArdle, the Service Director for Regeneration and Culture were joined by colleagues from the Employment and Skills Service, Enterprising Barnsley, and Public Health teams. Businesses including GXO, Evri, Portwest, DX Group, and Stanton Logistics also attended with partners from the Inclusive Economy Board, local colleges, schools, and Chamber of Commerce.

The workshop explored the current recruitment challenges and opportunities for this sector. This included how a range of job roles can enable residents to secure employment and develop their skills. Part of this involves reducing and removing barriers to employment for residents who are out of work.

A key topic was the benefits of work for Barnsley residents and how more people can be supported to secure employment in these areas.

Sarah Norman, Chief Executive for Barnsley Council, said: Jobs are about more than just an income. They provide purpose and motivation, support good health and create a sense of belonging. 71%* of working-age people in Barnsley have a job. This needs to be higher so our young people have something to aspire to. There are over 10,000 people in the borough who are currently unemployed for a range of reasons but say that they want to work.

“One of the ways we can support Barnsley people to make the most out of local job opportunities is by challenging misconceptions about the transport and logistics sector. We want more people to know about the variety of roles available in this sector that are paid competitively and have lots of opportunities for career and skills development.”

A range of options emerged from the workshop for the partners to make sure that local people can find out about jobs in this sector.  More partnership activity is planned to deliver the outcomes of the session.

Kathy McArdle, Barnsley Council’s Service Director for Regeneration and Culture, said: "We're committed to supporting investment in our borough and welcome the creation of jobs in growing sectors. We know that being in work is about more than just income for our residents. This kind of partnership working will improve the opportunities for local people to benefit from employment, and in turn, impact the local economy to benefit everyone."

*Correct as of December 2021. Next update in early spring.

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