Planting the seeds of Barnsley's sustainable future

Children at Shawlands Primary School showed us how they're working towards a Sustainable Barnsley by planting two pear trees to stand proudly in their school field.

The trees are a healthy addition to the school orchid, which already has apple trees for the children to pick and eat, and they'll soon be able to eat the pears too.

As part of the project, children have buried a time capsule which holds notes written about their future aspirations, what jobs they hope to be doing and what they would like to see in Barnsley by 2030. The time capsule has been planted between the trees, which will be left in place until 2030. 

Tree planting is important in Barnsley as it provides valuable habitats for wildlife and insects, enhances our beautiful green spaces, and helps us to make Barnsley more sustainable. 

Councillor Robin Franklin, Cabinet Spokesperson for Core Services, said: "It's important that sustainability is part of learning now and for future generations. This project is a great way for our young people to consider the exciting prospects open to them in Barnsley by 2030."

Duncan Thompson, Headteacher at Shawlands Primary School, said: "This project links nicely to the work we do about the environment. We talk about why fruit trees in particular, are great for the environment and sustainability. Many of our assemblies are about ways to save the planet, and we're reminding children that they're not too small to make a difference."

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