Portraits by local artist go on display at the Cooper Gallery

Work by portrait artist Richard Kitson will be on display at the Cooper Gallery from Saturday, 14 April until Wednesday, 13 June.

Richard who recently appeared on Sky Arts, Portrait Artist of the Year 2018, will be exhibiting a selection of eighteen portraits and drawings dating from 2008 to the present day.

Having being selected from thousands of entries to take part in the competition, during the show, Richard painted a portrait of Paralympic gold medallist Kadeena Cox MBE over a four hour period.

An artist who champions, the now rare method of working from life, his work uniquely captures the magic and intimacy of portrait art. Working directly from sitters, rather than the now more popular method of photographs, the Barnsley born artist is delighted that his exhibition will be seen for the very first time at the Cooper Gallery. The exciting art space holds fond memories for the artist who first volunteered there at the young age of seventeen, where he gained experience in hanging paintings and providing information about the artwork to visitors.

Throughout the exhibition there will be a variety of workshops and talks taking place that will offer visitors further insight into Richards’s methods and inspirations.

Phillip Spurr, Service Director, Culture, Housing & Regulation said “It is really poignant that Richard will be returning to the Gallery to display this body of work for the first time. We are proud to host paintings and drawings by such a talented local artist, particularly ones that have been created in such a unique way.  The exhibition perfectly complements the Cooper Gallery’s outstanding permanent collection, which itself contains a number of spectacular portraits.”

For more information about the exhibition visit www.cooper-gallery.com

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