Proposal for first ever Young Mayor of Barnsley

A  report setting out a proposal for the first ever Young Mayor of Barnsley will be on the agenda at Barnsley Council’s next Cabinet meeting on Wednesday, 10 July.

The role of the Young Mayor will be to shadow the Mayor of Barnsley for an initial period of one year, during 2019/20 with the prospect for this arrangement to be established on a more permanent basis afterwards.

Through their other ceremonial role, the Young Mayor will be able to further raise the profile of young people in civic life, by acting as an impartial ambassador and voice.

It is proposed that the Young Mayor will be a young person who is part of the current group of Youth Councillors in Barnsley.

Subject to establishing the role on a permanent basis, each nominee will serve as Young Mayor for a one year period.

It is an appointment which has worked effectively in other parts of the country, notably in places such as Hull, Lewisham and Newham.

The Lord Lieutenant for South Yorkshire has been consulted and has given formal approval to the proposal.        

Cllr Margaret Bruff, Cabinet Spokesperson for People (Children’s Services) said “Cabinet members were recently given a presentation and report on the outcomes of National Takeover Day (2018)  where it was clear that young people have so much to offer in terms of their passion and commitment to improving the lives of everyone around them.

A Young Mayor can take these attributes to the next level as part of ensuring our town is a place where young people can feel safe, be healthy and in a position to be able to achieve their potential.”

The report can be read in full here at agenda item 13

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