Proposed Hoyland South Masterplan presented to Cabinet and Full Council

Barnsley Council Cabinet members will be presented with the proposed Hoyland South masterplan framework for approval on Wednesday 4 November.

If Cabinet supports the recommendations, the masterplan framework will then be considered by Full Council for adoption on Thursday 26 November 2020. 

The proposed masterplan framework will allow the council to make sure that any developments on the land and to existing facilities bring clear benefits for the borough.

The Masterplan Framework is a 42.6-hectare site on the southern edge of Hoyland and Hoyland Common which incorporates Local Plan housing allocations HS58, HS61, HS62, HS65 and HS68. It also includes a proposed new local hub and primary school.

The key proposed benefits include:

New and better housing options for residents

  • The overall development will deliver 958 high-quality homes helping to address the borough’s housing need.

Community Facilities

  • Alongside housing, the draft masterplan framework also includes a small local shop, a community hub including a cafe, an equipped play area, community allotments, gardens and orchards, a relocated park side facility, and key pedestrian and cycle paths.

Wildlife, environment and green space 

  • The masterplan framework will seek to retain and enhance existing trees and biodiversity features wherever possible and deliver a minimum 10 per cent biodiversity net gain. This could be through a combination of on and off-site compensation measures.
  • The masterplan framework will deliver a range of new green space; this will look to include informal open space, wildlife corridors and areas for the children to play. 
  • A minimum of 15 per cent of the total site must be kept as open space.
  • The masterplan framework will also set out principles for maintaining green space and the responsibilities for individual developers. 

Cllr Robert Frost, Cabinet Support Member for Place (Regeneration and Culture) said: “The Hoyland South masterplan will provide energy-efficient, high-quality housing for residents, which is vital as our borough continues to grow. 

“It is important for the council to work with developers and landowners and deliver the masterplan framework to establish the infrastructure requirements and deliver sustainable growth. 

“The key point of the framework is that we can shape the future development taking into account the needs of residents and our communities. The absence of a framework could result in developers and landowners bringing forward planning applications to develop their own sites without properly considering how they relate to or benefit the wider area. 

“We’ve worked to provide a robust masterplan that outlines in detail our focus on the environmental considerations and achieving a net gain in biodiversity on the site.” 

Full FAQs and a recording of an online discussion as part of our masterplan consultation can be viewed on our Hoyland South Masterplan Framework webpage.

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