Proposed Hoyland West Masterplan presented to Cabinet and Full Council

Barnsley Council Cabinet members will be presented with the proposed Hoyland West masterplan framework for approval on Wednesday 23 September.

If Cabinet support the recommendations, the masterplan framework will then be considered by Full Council for adoption on Thursday 24 September 2020. 

The Hoyland West masterplan covers:

  • employment site: ES13 - land west of Sheffield Road
  • housing site: HS57- land at Tankersley Lane
  • relocation of Rockingham Sports facility to land at Parkside, Hoyland 

The proposed masterplan framework will allow the council to make sure that any developments on the land and to existing facilities bring clear benefits for the borough.

The key proposed benefits include:

New and improved community leisure facilities

  • a new and improved community sports ground, delivered in phases, to eventually replace, but enhance, the current facilities at Rockingham Sports Ground. This would complement the new cricket ground, a requirement of the Hoyland North Masterplan, and provide social and leisure facilities including football, archery and the range of other activities currently on offer.

Improved road infrastructure and active travel plans

  • a brand-new road infrastructure, including an access road that would act as a Hoyland Common bypass, reducing traffic congestion at the existing Sheffield Road/Tankersley Lane/Hoyland Road crossroad junction.
  • designated key pedestrian and cycle paths through the development.

Wildlife and environmental elements

  • woodland and wildlife corridors throughout the development.
  • a sustainable drainage system.
  • a clear requirement for development of the site to result in a 10 per cent net gain to biodiversity through a combination of on and off-site ecological enhancements.

Development to support the creation of businesses and jobs

  • The ES13 site is one of the largest employment allocations in the local plan with a planning application already submitted to the council to bring forward commercial uses.
  • The site will play an important role in jobs creation as part of the local plan site, providing sufficient land in the right places to attract more businesses and to allow existing businesses to grow. In the current climate it is essential to accelerate investment in the borough.

 New and better housing options for residents

  • The overall development will deliver around 100 new homes to help address the borough’s housing need.

Cllr Tim Cheetham, Cabinet Spokesperson for Place (Regeneration and Culture) said: “Firstly, I’d like to thank everyone who provided their feedback as part of the Hoyland West masterplan consultation. Your feedback has allowed us to consider a range of options for this proposal.

“The proposed masterplan for Hoyland West looks to create a significant long-term boost to the local economy, supporting the council’s strategy to increase job opportunities in the area, improve community and leisure facilities and provide affordable, quality housing. A thriving business park providing a large amount of jobs will also help to offset recent and anticipated job losses arising from the pandemic.

“With all major proposals, environmental considerations are always a priority. The masterplan framework sets out clear expectations and requirements from the council to secure a range of environmental benefits for the local area and wider borough.

The masterplan framework is a way to make sure that these proposals deliver the maximum benefits to local people and their communities.”

If the masterplan framework is adopted, a related report covering the land transactions that are necessary to secure the relocation of the Rockingham sports facilities will be presented to Cabinet in the coming weeks.

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